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International Epilepsy Day

International Epilepsy Day

February 12 will mark International Epilepsy Day, an opportunity to raise public awareness of this disease. Whether you are directly affected or one of your loved ones, know that you can find products and advice in pharmacies to improve the quality of life.

Posted on 12/02/2024

February 12, 2024 marks International Epilepsy Day , a global initiative to raise awareness and educate the public about this common neurological condition that is second only to migraines. It is important to mark this day to provide valuable information and highlight the resources available in pharmacies for those living with this disease.

Epilepsy is a chronic neurological disease whose symptoms include loss of consciousness, seizures, excessive salivation, falling, speech problems, vomiting, leaking stools or urine and sometimes short respiratory arrest. It manifests itself by repeated seizures which result from excessive electrical discharges in certain brain cells due to the hyperactivity of groups of neurons. It affects around 50 million people worldwide and it is crucial to create a supportive environment for those affected and their loved ones. In pharmacy, we are committed to offering products and advice adapted to improve the quality of life of people affected by epilepsy.

1. Medical alert devices : People with epilepsy can benefit from medical alert devices that automatically report seizures to loved ones or healthcare professionals. These devices can be worn discreetly and provide peace of mind to those affected.

2. Anticonvulsant medications : In pharmacy, we play a vital role in dispensing anticonvulsant medications, which help control epileptic seizures. It is crucial to take these medications as prescribed to maximize their effectiveness.

3. Educational Books and Resources : Pharmacists can recommend educational books and resources about epilepsy to help patients better understand their condition and proactively manage their health.

4. Lifestyle advice : In addition to medications, simple lifestyle changes can sometimes help reduce the frequency of attacks. Pharmacists can provide advice on nutrition, sleep and other aspects of lifestyle that may influence overall health.

On this International Epilepsy Day, we invite everyone to learn more about this condition, share information and support those living with epilepsy. As members of the pharmaceutical community, we are here to provide the necessary support and help improve the quality of life of those affected by this neurological condition.

Together, let's continue to work for a better understanding and acceptance of epilepsy.

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